Revising Best Practices Citations

This is the post for the Wednesday, April 6, 2016 class meeting.

Photo of the Hulk, with the caption, The credible Hulk always cites his sourcesExtra Credit Activities

  • Participate in the #SeeVT contest, adding the hashtag #Engl3844s16 to your post. See details from last class. Here are the #SeeVT examples so far.
  • Take a Sober Selfie during Alcohol Awareness Month. You can win gift cards. If you win, I’ll give you two excused absences, or negotiate an alternative if you have perfect attendance. Add #Engl3844s16.

Reviewing the Best Practices Assignment

We’ll create an answer to the assignment as a class, using the following resources:

The Instructions (Revised)

  1. List all of the ways you can use the resource, any restrictions, and any related advice, using the examples from class to get started.
  2. Make citations and explanations for each resource your group examines using the Best Practices for Attribution sections 1.1 to 1.5 as your model.
  3. Email the word processor documents to me, or share Google Docs with me. Send just one copy and include the names of the people you worked with.
  4. I will collect all of the examples of how to cite the sources in one document that you use in Project 4.
  5. Your group will present the details on your sources on Friday.

The Resources to Evaluate

  1. Photo of a Winter Bee
  2. Cartoon on Duck and Cover
  3. Photo of a SuperCat
  4. Audio of Birds
  5. Wikipedia article on The Undertaker
  6. The 1932 film of A Farewell to Arms
  7. The book Writer/Designer
  8. Sound effect of creepy music
  9. Video of The New Day entrance
  10. Article on National Poetry Month


For Friday, do the following before class:

  • Review the information on “Designing Your Citations” in Writer/Designer, on pp. 70-75. You will design citations for a variety of project genres on Friday.