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Course Grades Posted

Smiling dog meme, with the caption, I am so proud of youI have finished grading all the work for the course and submitted course grades in HokieSpa. As a reminder, I use a Virginia Tech’s default grade scale (no rounding). Thank you so much for your work this term. Have a great summer.

Unsubscribing from the Course Website and Twitter Updates

If you subscribed to the course website at the beginning of the term, you probably want to unsubscribe now. Look for an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email message that you get from the course website.

If you were following the course Twitter account (@VTtengrrl), just go to the page in Twitter and click the Unfollow button.


Submitting Project 4

This is the post for the Wednesday,May 4, 2016 class meeting, our last day of class 🙁

Examples of Student WorkDog with goofy grin, with the caption, Happy Last Day of Classes!!!!!!

And if we have time, I will make you watch the Doctor Who Time Warp Parody.

Submit Your Project

Submit Project 4 by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Project 4 Quiz in Canvas. While we are using the Quiz tool, your work is still a major project in the course.
  2. Work through the questions to ensure you include all of the required elements on the rubric (which you will find on the Project 4 Quiz page in Canvas).
  3. Submit the project when you are done.

If you need more time to work on your project, use the Grace Period, which ends at 5:25 PM on Wednesday, May 11. If you turn in your work, I assume it is ready to be graded. Remember that there are no rewrites or revisions after work is graded.

Complete a Survey for Extra Credit

After I explain some changes to the course in the future, please complete this Exit Survey to help me make decisions about the class in the fall. Your answers will not effect your grade in the course, beyond the verification that you completed the survey.

After you finish the survey, complete the Exit Survey Extra Credit Quiz in Canvas. The extra credit quiz will replace your lowest grade on a participation assignment with 100.

Remaining To-Do’s

  1. Complete the SPOT survey if you haven’t yet.

  2. Watch your email for an announcements next week that tells you when the course grades are finalized.

  3. Remember that  I do not round grades and that I do not provide extra credit. The grade scale is on the syllabus.