Writing Your Individual Evaluation

After your group has submitted your article, answer the following three questions in a Word documents to let me know about your work and how your group collaborated.  Be sure that you number your responses so that I can find the info I need to assign your grade.

  1. What is the URL to your group’s article on the projects.tracigardner.com site?
  2. Tell me about the work that you personally did on the project. You can jot the work down in a bulleted list, but be sure to be specific and clear.
  3. Assign a percentage to each member of your group, including yourself, and assess the work of your collaborators. For each group member, write two or three sentences that explain how well the person collaborated, the positive and/or negative contributions that the person made, and whether you would want to work with the person on a project again. The percentages need to add up to 100%.

Honor Code Reminder: You should not collaborate on your answers to the individual evaluation. To do so is an Honor Code violation.

Example Answer for Question 3

Randy Orton: 20%. Randy is an A+ player, but you couldn’t tell it from his participation. He spent most of our work sessions arguing with HHH (who isn’t even in our group) instead of contributing to the project. He provided the selfie stick we used, but little else. He missed 3 class sessions because of an ankle "injury."

Daniel Bryan: 40%. YES! YES! YES! I loved having Daniel as a group member. He has a go-getter attitude and provided many concrete suggestions and much hard work. Daniel sketched out a mockup for our article, contributed props, edited our photos in PhotoShop, and was the primary author of introduction for our article.

Me (Rey Mysterio): 40%. I was the group leader, so I made sure that we had all the pieces completed and turned in on time. I wrote the text that accompanies the images, and I gave Daniel feedback on the introduction. I like focusing on details, so I spent a lot of time making sure that the post was formatted properly and that the images were well-integrated.