Peer Review for Project 2

By 11:59 PM on Sunday, 2/28, post your rough draft:

  • Go to Discussions in Canvas.
  • Choose the "Project 2 Peer Review" discussion.
  • Post a reply to the Discussion (Canvas Documentation) that includes the following information in the body of the message:
    • Tell your classmates the audience and purpose for your portfolio (e.g., I am designing a portfolio for potential employers, with the hope of obtaining an internship in technical writing).
    • State at least three things that you want your readers to help you improve. Let them know the kind of advice you need.
    • If relevant, explain anything else you want your readers to know.
  • Include the link to the homepage of your site in your Discussion message.

By the end of class on Monday, 2/29, respond to two drafts:

  • Follow the Canvas Documentation to find the drafts you have been assigned. Note that peer review partners are automatically assigned before class begins. Your peer review partners may not be in the same class section that you are in.
  • Write a response to each of the two drafts (Canvas Documentation) that includes the following information:
    • Check the title of the site, and tell your partner if it is appropriate and professional.
    • Check the site for the required content, and let the author know if anything is missing. You should find the following:
      • Two blog posts
      • An about page
      • A site information page
      • Working menus
      • Professional sidebar, if present
      • Two fully-developed writing sample pages (widely defined to include audio, video, etc.)
    • Add comments on the content of the draft.
      • Respond to the three things your classmate has asked you about.
      • Comment on at least three things your classmate does well.
      • Include any additional advice or encouragement that you can.
    • If you notice any spelling errors, punctuation errors, or typos, you can mention them in your comments, but please focus more on the content than editing and proofreading.

After 2:30 PM on Monday, 2/29, revise your site:

  • Use the Canvas Documentation to find your peers’ feedback.
  • Revise your site based on the peer feedback you received.