Submitting Project 3a

Submitting Your Article as a Blog Post

  1. Create a group registration on the Multimodal Projects site. You do not need to post your group member names or use your real name in the post.
  2. Add a new blog post on the site for your article, just as you did on your personal portfolio WordPress site.

Submitting Your Individual Reflection and Assessment

  1. Go to our course in Canvas.
  2. Choose Assignments from the left sidebar.
  3. Choose the "Stock Photo Stereotypes" assignment.
  4. Click the big Submit Assignment button on the upper right. You’ll see this File Upload form:
  5. Click the Choose File button, and navigate to your file. It must be a *.doc, *.docx, or *.pdf file.
  6. No additional reflection comments are necessary since the document you are uploading is a reflection.
  7. Click the Submit Assignment button, and your work will be uploaded and turned in.