Project 4 Overview

This is the post for the Monday, April 11, 2016 class meeting.

Attendance Update

Cat in box with packing peanuts, and the caption, Ikea cat, some assembly requiredI updated the attendance information in Canvas during the weekend. If you had an absence and provided a doctor’s note, a notice from the Dean, or something similar, those absences are now marked as “Tardy” in Canvas. I still need to update the information for those of you who are student-athletes. I’ll take care of those later today.

Using the “Tardy” label for these excused absences allows me to still know when people were (or were not) in class while not having that absence count against you in the calculation.

Project 4 Details

For Project 4, you will choose items from a list to create in relationship to a fictional or nonfictional story. The most basic requirement is to create a polished branding video (maximum 2 minutes) or a polished website with at least three different pages that are NOT included in the Project Component List (e.g., an about page, a contact form).

Branding Video Examples

This video was created by a student in the 10:10 section of our class for another course that she took:

The Full Assignment and Decisionmaking

The assignment outlines all of the details for the assignment, but we need to make some decisions. Here is what I propose:

  • Your proposal for Project 4 is worth 15% of your course grade, taking the place of the final exam in the course grade distribution.
  • Your Project 4 is worth 25% of your course grade, as originally planned, but it is due the last week of the class. The grace period ends at the close of the latest exam period for the course.
  • The originally planned final exam (Revision and Maintenance Plan) isn’t completed.


For Wednesday, do the following before class:

For Friday, do the following before class:

  • Review the information on proposals in Writer/Designer, on pp. 90–92.
  • Choose a focus and make tentative plans for the project components you will complete.