Prepping for Project 3b Pitches

This is the post for the Monday, March 21, 2016 class meeting.

The New Project 3b

Don Draper on Mad Men set, with the caption I got 99 problems but a pitch ain't one.If you missed class on Friday, read back over the post from the session and check with a classmate to learn about the new requirements for the project formerly known as the Archive Project.

Prepare Your Pitch

You will pitch your project to the class on Wednesday, March 23. As Writer/Designer defines it, “A pitch is a short presentation that explains how the what and the how of your idea might come together in the final project. . . . Pitches are sometimes called elevator speeches, drawing on the idea of a writer who is on an elevator with a publisher and has only four floors to convince the publisher to accept his or her book proposal” (55).

You will have about 90 seconds to tell the class about your project. See the Work Schedule below for the details on what you need to cover and where to find help in the textbook.

Quiz for Friday

Remember that class will not meet in the classroom on Friday. You will have the class session to work independently or with your group. Take a look at the Selfie Quiz, and let me know if you have any questions today.

Work Schedule

M, 3/21

You will work in class to decide on your topic and how you are going to present it. The textbook has details on the tasks listed below, and the slideshow also has the basic definitions. You need to determine the following (W/D = Writer/Designer):

  • What you will focus on
  • The rhetorical situation for your project (W/D, pp. 22–27)
  • The four modes of communication you will include (W/D, pp. 3–13)
  • How you will take advantage of any affordances and work around any constraints (W/D, pp. 14–18)
  • How your design choices will support your rhetorical situation (W/D, pp. 31–39)
  • Prepare a pitch for your project that covers all the details above (W/D, pp. 51–56, note the questions on p. 56)
W, 3/23 You will give a pitch in class. You will have about 90 seconds each.
F, 3/25 You (and your group) will use the class session to research, gather materials (assets), and generally work on your project. Class will not meet (I will be presenting in a TLOS workshop, Jumpstart on Digital Storytelling), but you will need to complete the Selfie Quiz to show me that you were working for about 50 minutes.
M, 3/28,
W, 3/30
You (and your group) will work on your project in class. During these two days, I will ask each of you (or your group) to report to me on what you are doing and how it’s going.
F, 4/1 April Fools Day! Depending upon the progress on the project, it will either be due this day, OR this will be another day for you (and your group) to work independently on the project. Class will not meet (I’ll be in NOVA), but you will have work to complete.