Photo Shoot Day

This is the post for the Friday, February 19, 2016 class meeting.

Guidelines for Taking Photos

  • Photo of Cattle with the caption, Stock PhotographyYou can leave your belongings in the classroom. I will remain here or lock the door.
  • You can go anywhere in Shanks or the surrounding area. If you need to go further, talk to me before you journey forth.
  • Don’t disturb anyone working in the building.
  • You can borrow props or move furniture, but please put everything back the way it belongs.
  • If you have a questionable prop, tell me before you wander away, so I can help you if someone questions you.
  • Contact me immediately if something goes wrong. The classroom phone number is 231-1651.
  • If your photography runs over into the next class, that’s okay. Send me a message. After 10:10, I’m the only one who teaches in this classroom on Fridays.
  • I will be grading and writing in the classroom. Please pause before you walk around the desk so I can obscure any student work on the screen to protect your classmate’s FERPA rights.

Group To-Do’s

  • Take your photos. I suggest that you take more than five photos, just in case something doesn’t turn out. Try different angles or perspectives just in case you need something else.
  • Share your photos with your group and with me (, so that everyone has access to them. The best option is to set up a Google Drive folder that everyone has access to.
  • Save the images to a secondary backup location for the images.
  • Begin discussing how you will present your images. Your assignment is to write a Buzzfeed-style article using your images. You can also look at the Hubspot article as a model. If you need feedback or are unsure, ask me. Here are some (but not the only) possibilities:
    • Satirical rules for taking stock photos of college students or stock photos in general
    • College student stereotypes
    • A comparison to the inspiration photos (see this original for the Vince Vaughn images)
    • What to Expect in College, told by a stock photographer
    • A Mythbusters-style article, exposing myths (obviously) about college students
    • What not to do in your first year of college
  • Make your plans for Monday’s class. Ideally, you should work on your images and text together in class.


For Monday’s session (2/22), do the following before class:

  • I’ll send out a detailed assignment for this project (current draft) by email this weekend. Read it before class.
  • You’re in charge of your own homework. As a group, decide what you need to do before class, and what you need to have with you to work together on your projects in class.
  • You will have all of class on Monday to work together.