Independent Work Day

This is the post for the Friday, March 25, 2016 class meeting.

How I Look Taking a SelfieTime to Work!

You (and your group) will use the class session to research, gather materials (assets), and generally work on your project.

Class will not meet (I will be presenting in a TLOS workshop, Jumpstart on Digital Storytelling), but you will need to complete the Selfie Quiz to show me that you were working for about 50 minutes.

Be prepared to work in the classroom on Monday.

Work Schedule

M, 3/28,
W, 3/30
You (and your group) will work on your project in class. During these two days, I will ask each of you (or your group) to report to me on what you are doing and how it’s going.
F, 4/1 April Fools Day! Depending upon the progress on the project, it will either be due this day, OR this will be another day for you (and your group) to work independently on the project. Class will not meet (I’ll be in NOVA), but you will have work to complete.