Citations for Various Genres

This is the post for the Friday, April 8, 2016 class meeting.

Photo of the character Austin Powers, with the caption, I noticed you don't cite your sources. I too like to live dangerously.Extra Credit Activities

  • Participate in the #SeeVT contest, adding the hashtag #Engl3844s16 to your post. See details from the 4/4 class. Here are the #SeeVT examples so far.
  • Take a Sober Selfie during Alcohol Awareness Month. See details from the 4/6 class. Add #Engl3844s16.

Demonstrating How to Create Citations for Various Genres

We’ll continue to use the following resources:

Genres to Consider

  1. Audio recording
  2. Digital image posted on Twitter
  3. Infographic
  4. Personal webpage
  5. Scholarly article online
  6. News story online (e.g., CNN, NPR Morning Edition, PBS NewsHour)
  7. Magazine article online (e.g., The Atlantic, Harper’s, The New Yorker)
  8. Informal blog post
  9. Video
  10. PowerPoint/Prezi presentation

Today’s Instructions

  1. Return to the document you have been working in.
  2. Choose three genres from the "Genres to Consider" list above.
  3. Make a table in your document with these columns: Specific Use, Placement, Appropriate Format, Notes. Follow the example.
  4. Complete the chart for each resource your group has been assigned. You will have multiple uses for each resource.
  5. Email the word processor documents to me, or share Google Docs with me (if you haven’t already).
  6. I will collect all of the examples of how to cite the sources in one document that you use in Project 4.

The Resources to Evaluate

  1. Photo of a Winter Bee
  2. Cartoon on Duck and Cover
  3. Photo of a SuperCat
  4. Audio of Birds
  5. Wikipedia article on The Undertaker
  6. The 1932 film of A Farewell to Arms
  7. The book Writer/Designer
  8. Sound effect of creepy music
  9. Video of The New Day entrance
  10. Article on National Poetry Month


For Monday, do the following before class:

  • Read Chapter 5 of Writer/Designer. We will go over the Project 4 assignment, which will include writing a short proposal by April 15.