Archive Project Overview

This is the post for the Monday, March 14, 2016 class meeting.

Important Dates

  • horse on a treadmillMarch 18: End of Portfolio Grace Period at 11:59 PM

Project Overview

  • Mini-Project: Building a VT Archive (Group or Individual)
  • Mini-Project: Pink Time (Individual), More Info
  • Project 4: I Am… Intro Video (Individual or Pairs)
  • Take-Home Final: WordPress Revision & Maintenance Plan (Individual)

Five Modes of Communication

Today’s activity explores multimodal texts that you interact with every day. I have a slideshow that includes short definitions of the major concepts we will explore as we read Writer/Designer. To get started, we will examine the five modes of communication:

Five Modes of Communication

Image from page 4 of Writer/Designer

Beginning Mini-Project 2: Building a VT Archive

  • Talk as a class about the project, basic requirements, where to store it, and what tool to use, using the Class Planning Doc.
  • Brainstorm possible topics as a class.
  • Create new groups (1 to 4 people), and choose focus.
  • Gather any preliminary information your group will need to begin research and planning Wednesday.
  • Decide on any artifacts you need to bring in on Wednesday.


For Wednesday’s session (9/30), do the following before class:

  • Make sure you understand the five modes of communication before class. Prepare to talk about affordances and constraints. Review Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer if necessary.