Addressing WordPress Issues

Contact with 4HELP

Cat chewing keys on a computer keyboard, with the caption, Load you piece of crap! LOOOOOOOOOAD!!I have had some contacts from 4HELP, and they have confirmed the speed issue. Their initial analysis is that the web company where the blogs are hosted is having some issue with their network & ISP. They have reached out to the host and are working to resolve the problem. There’s no estimate on when it will be fixed.

Suspend Work on WordPress Temporarily

So given the 4HELP situation, I’m suspending work on the blogs until the site is back up to speed. I don’t think it’s fair to ask you to continue trying to work with a site that isn’t functioning properly.

Your work will not be lost. Once WordPress is working properly again, we’ll go back to the project and finish it. But in all seriousness, stop working on the WordPress site. If you want to compose text in a word processor so that you are ready to add it to WordPress, that’s fine; but you do not have to go to the site until I let you know it’s fixed.

Plans for Wed, 2/17 and Beyond

You have no homework for tomorrow (Wed, 2/17). Because we are suspending work on WordPress, we will do something else in class. Admittedly, I haven’t decided what. I’m a very linear teacher, and I’ve never had to stop and skip ahead to a different project before. In the workplace however, this kind of thing happens all the time.

For now, we have no date for peer review or for when Project 2 will be due. I will give you time and plenty of notice.

We’ll talk about the whole WordPress situation more in class tomorrow. You can have a meltdown, cry, rejoice, and/or otherwise tell me how you feel.

For the 1:25 Class Only

We have a department meeting tomorrow, so I may not be able to get to the classroom early. Occupy the tables and chairs in the atrium. I’ll get downstairs ASAP.

Anything Else?

We should have plenty of time for questions tomorrow in class, but if you have a personal question, email me or catch me before/after class.