Branding Video Characteristics

This is the post for the Wednesday, April 13, 2016 class meeting.

Attendance and Excused Absences

Cat with cell phone and the caption, Put dat camera down and help me take selfieFrom now on, if you have an excused absence, please email me the details rather than just telling me in class. You can tell me too, but I will update Canvas when I get an email with documentation from you, the Dean, or Schiffert.

As a reminder, if you miss class because of an illness, death in the family, or family emergency, see the Student Advocacy page from the Dean of Students Office for details on how to document the situation. You can also provide documentation from Schiffert Health Center, Cook Counseling Center, or your private doctor, dentist, or other health care provider.

Assignment Dates and Weight

No one emailed with complaints, so we will go with the plan I described in Monday’s session:

  • Your proposal for Project 4 is worth 15% of your course grade, replacing the final in the course grade distribution.
  • Your Project 4 is worth 25% of your course grade, as originally planned, but it is due the last week of the class. The grace period ends at the close of the latest exam period for the course.
  • The originally planned final exam (Revision and Maintenance Plan) is gone (and good riddance to it).

Any questions about Project 4 assignment? Add them to this Google Doc and I will answer them at the end of the class.

Branding Video Characteristics

Here are ten additional video examples:

  1. Garrett
  2. Catherine
  3. Nick
  4. Charles
  5. Elise
  6. Zack
  7. Keely
  8. Anna
  9. Charlie
  10. Drew

Let’s get into the same groups we used for the documentation project last week. I’ll assign you a video, and I want you to work together to decide what the video does well and what the author might do to improve it. Add your comments to the slide in the file for your class. Be prepared to explain your thoughts to everyone.

The link for your class will disappear after your session. It will return Wednesday after 2:30 PM.

Another Video Option: Vlogs

Not sure about creating a branding video, but still want to play with video? Another option is to create video blog entries (or vlogs). You might think of them as video podcasts as well. Amelia and Kayleigh, who took the course in the fall, created a YouTube channel for a series of videos that were done from the perspective of Hamlet’s Ophelia and Gertrude. There are four videos plus a blooper trailer.


For Friday, do the following before class:

  • Complete the Video Survey, so that I know what to cover in class next week.
  • Review the information on proposals in Writer/Designer, on pp. 90–92.
  • Choose a focus and make tentative plans for the project components you will complete.

For Monday, do the following before class:

  • Have a draft of your proposal. We’ll do an informal peer review exchange and go over the submission instructions.
  • You will have the usual 1-week grace period.